How to Create a 'Fitter'




by: Morbd McEnziee




A warrior’s function ( in my opinion ) is to do no more than kill & protect. A warrior is not meant to use magic( " if fitters were supposed to use magiks dey would be born as finger wagglers" ), though they are able to learn it. They were not meant to pick locks, although they can. Nor were they meant to transfer wounds from others, or resurrect the dead. The warrior is here to do one thing, and that is fight. The warrior may have different causes, but all warriors accomplish their goals by fighting.




Behind every good warrior is a good set of stats. Stats will make or break your warrior depending on how you assign them. When you get into the Character Manager, is one of the most crucial points of your playing career. There are 10 stats and hence ten random rolls. The first 3 rolls are weighted to be between 60 - 90, the next 3 is between 60 - 40 , the next 3 between 50 - 20, and the last # is between 20 - 100. The maximum possible total is 700, the chances of you rolling a 700, are next to impossible. However, with a little time and money, it is easy to roll a 620+ total. ( I have heard rumors of people rolling 680’s ) When you see your #’s also try to have the first 3 in the 80 plus range, the last # in the 95 plus range, and the rest try to have above 35.



" Now I have the stats, what the heck do I do with ‘em "

In my opinion this is how you should order your stats from highest to lowest. 1. Disciplin,2. Reflex,3. Strength, 4. Aura,5. Dexterity,6. Constitution,7. Logic,8. Intelligence, 9. Wisdom,10. Charisma

Once you have placed the #’s in the correct stats, you must choose as race. If you got an incredibly nice set of stats ( 650+ ) you may want to consider selecting a human. The reason for this is because humans don’t have any weaknesses, in turn, they do not have any remarkable strengths, they only get +5 bonuses in strength, intelligence, and logic. This way you wouldn’t hurt any of the superior #’s you just rolled. However, your 2 main options, ( providing a total in the 600 - 630 range) are Giantmen and Dwarves. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Dwarves can resist elemental magic easier, while Giantmen are physically the strongest race in elanthia. The choice is yours, and is more preference than anything else. I would also like to address another race that has been more popular as of late, and that is the Half-elves who have decided to become warriors. I would again only recommend Half-elves when you have a really high total roll. Next to humans, they have the least weaknesses. And their inherently high reflexes would provide excellent defenses. The only reason to choose a different race would be for RP reasons alone.



Training is important to a warrior, because if they are to be effective, they must train correctly. As a warrior it is good to start with about 80 Training points total. About 45+ physical, and 35+ mental. You can have less, but this is ideal. Also I would like to now debunk the guide that said you should train in all the weapon types till AS 200 and then stop. It would be nice to be able to train in all the weapon types, however it is not a reality at lower than 25th training at least. IMO 2 weapon types is enough. You should have one from the Edged/blunt group, and one from the 2-handers/pole-arms group. Each type having it’s own strengths and weaknesses. The reason for 2 is that the 2-hander/pole-arm group do excellent damage; however, they leave you with little ways of protecting yourself. If you train in 1-handers also, you will have the ability to use a shield, and be quite safe in Parry 100. Also there are plenty of creatures in elanthia that can hit very hard ( Harbingers, troll kings, Banshees, to name a few…) so having any extra protection is very helpful. Also if you want to have some magic ability, I would choose scroll usage, as opposed to wand, because wands cost more to learn, and most, not all are attack spells, when a warrior can get along just fine with his/her sword. Manna share is a possibility, but is quite expensive indeed.


Physical training

try to train all the way in the following skills...


One handed weapon type (edged or blunt)
Armor use (until you can use brig armor, then maybe you can cut it to twice a year)
Shield use
2-handed weapon type (pole arm or 2-handers)
Physical training ( the more the merrier, try not to get hit, but if you do training in this will help you;)

train once a year in these…

First aid (pelts = silvers , bandages = less blood loss)
Ambush (not every year.. but after 5 ranks can be useful)
Combat man  (every + 10 in this skill adds + 1 to both your AS and DS)
Climbing or swimming (needed when you must enter the broken lands, and various other places in elathia try for once every 3 years)
Stalking & hiding (this makes survival at higher level as a 2 handed swinging warrior a lot easier, and combined with ambush and a claid, you should take most creatures down in one blow)


Mental training

try for once a year in the following…

Perception( helps find hidden things ie. " tiefs" )
Scrolls( cheaper than wands, and the occasional + to your DS can be helpful)


If you have any points left over, put some in trading or double train perception( best idea is to save em ;)






what to hunt when


pre 0 - get ZEPATH’s maps( you’re doomed with out them)

0-1 don’t hunt anything, visit all the places listed when you type DIR and this will give you enough points for level 1

1-2 thyrils are good treasure, I liked them for their seemingly endless supplies of gold rings ;) cave gnomes and the rats are virtual zoos so I would stay away if you get bored hunting::::::: chuckle:::::::: your best bet would go talk to the town clerk about a job. Good money for the level, maybe you’ll meet some people your age ( probably the finger wagglers ) and you’ll learn your way around

2-4 Hobland & the mine road/ the burrows all have their pro’s and cons. Also there are the Gnome mines.

At year 4, I was alternating between Hobland and hill trolls ( I WOULDN’T recommend this for someone who is not familiar with Parry tagging).

4-8 More hill trolls, and some wraiths( $$$ ) you may have started fighting in the GY if you are a member of the OOV. Also dark orcs.

HUNTING TIP: when you hunt smarter critters( ie. NOT wolverines and wild boars, but orcs and hill trolls) if you whack one good and are in a dead end, leave, come back in about 15- 30 seconds, the monstie will probably be sitting tending it’s wounds, no is the time it is nice to have 2-hander training :::::::: GRIN::::::::: you come in switch to Parry 0 and beat the monstie into the earth. By level 6 you should be able to hunt the weaker monsters in Danjerland. ( ogres, and titans, cave & war trolls)

8-10 You should find most of your prey in Danjerland , At 7 I occasionally hunted frosties( once you whack about 2 at this level, your mind should be totally fried. Titans are good also, and they are very wealthy, (sort of like hobgoblins +10 levels, lots of treasure = lost of people). Be careful, because both of these critters knock you down and have elemental attacks. ( this is where your scroll use comes in handy, if you can get a scroll with some minor spirit spells you should be able to survive most of the spell attacks).


After this I can not tell you what to do, because as of this posting I am not higher than 10, but good luck to you, and I hope I have helped in some way.


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