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Professions of Elanthia

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Warriors focus on combat. They learn weapon skills and wear heavyarmor types more easily than any other class. They are also very skilledat manuevering in combat to gain an advantage on their foes. Because theydevote the majority of their lives to physical combat, they have greatdifficulty in learning spells and operating magical devices.Non-Circle. Prime requisites are Constitution and Strength.

Rogue Guides

Specialists in maneuvering and manipulation, rogues have an easytime learning many skills, such as hiding, lockpicking, disarming traps,climbing, perception and ambushing. With all of these skills, rogues makeexcellent scouts, thieves and hunters. They are fairly adept with weaponsand heavier armor, second only to fighters. They may also learn how to usespells and magical devices more easily than do fighters. Non-Circle. Prime requisites are Reflexes and Agility.

Wizard Guides

The masters of the elements, wizards are pure circle elementalists.They have a wide variety of spells for attack, defense, and utility purposes.Excellent at acquiring knowledge of magical lore and the use of magicaldevices, wizards are among the poorest in weapon skills. Most armor willalso affect the wizard's ability to cast spells.Pure Element Circle. Prime requisites are Aura and Intelligence.

Sorcerer Guides

Sorcerers are multi-circlists who rely on both Elements andSpirit. They concentrate on spells of disruption and destruction. While thisis a difficult profession to learn early on, sorcerers have the potential tobe extremely powerful and deadly. They can not, however, learn as manyutility and defensive spells as do wizards or clerics.Multi-Circlist. Prime requisites are Aura and Wisdom.

Empath Guides

Empaths are pure circle spiritualists. They can transfer woundsfrom others to their own bodies. They then use their recuperative powersto heal themselves. They are rewarded by the gods and their patients as wellfor such selflessness. Their spells concentrate on self-healing, but theyalso have access to other spells more useful in combat. It is difficult, butnot impossible for empaths to gain skill in weapons and armor, though heavierarmor types will affect how well they cast spells. Pure Spirit Circle. Prime requisites are Wisdom and Logic.

Cleric Guides

Clerics are pure circle spiritualists. Some are simple monks orpriests, others are crusaders, devoted to preserving life whether by use oftheir spells or by dint of arms. A cleric's spells allow them to communewith deities, resurrect the dead, protect themselves and their comrades, andbanish the undead. Clerics can gain skill at arms, but they must devote moretime and energy to it than non-circlists. Heavier armor will effect how wellthey use spells. Pure Spirit Circle. Prime requisites are Wisdom and Logic.

Ranger Guides

Partial spirit circlists, rangers combine skill at arms withspells. While they can only throw spells of limited power, their magicenhances their considerable skill with weapons. Ranger spells are especiallypotent outdoors, as many deal with manipulating nature. They are also fairlyadept at learning to manuever and use devices, both magical and mundane. Oneof the most versatile professions, rangers have a flexibility that few canmatch. Heavy armor will restrict their spells. Partial Spirit Circlist. Prime requisites are Wisdom and Constitution.

Bard Guides

Bards are partial elemental circlists, combining magic and weapons.Their song spells allow them to enhance not only their own skills in combat, but those of all in their party. Bards are also masters of lore, adept atrevealing the secrets of magic items. Nearly as versatile as rangers, bardsare somewhat more adept at magic, but less so at physical skills, such ascombat or manuevering. Most armor will restrict their spellcastingabilities.Partial Element Circlist.  Prime requisites are Aura and Logic.


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