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A Warriors Ways



A Warriors Ways

By Zuwitch Vanevenzon


Hello future warriors, I wrote this guide in order to correct many of the rolling and training flaws of some of our kind.



Rolling is very commonly screwed up. You should have 4 80+’s and at least 3 50+’s the others don’t matter. Heres the order you should put them in: First is definitly strength unless you have a 100 then you’d put that in Constitution since Strength gets a boost of at least 10 for good races then you should do reflexes so you’ll have a higher DS (a common problem is low DS’s for warriors) Then i’d recommend putting DI, that way you’ll have a hefty sum of TP’s(training points) . Then you should do Dexterity. After that i’d do Logic so you can soak up some more exp. After that you might do Intellegence, Aura and Wisdom. Last you should always put charisma because it does about nothing for you. That could take a few hours to get right.



Training is what can make or break your character. I’ve seen warriors that are dumb enough to train in Wand Use so they could use there spare wands with a CS of about -7. Warriors should not have much to do with magic so you’ll probably have to substitute most of yer Mental points fer Physical at a 2:1 ratio. Heres what I recommend doing: Always double in yer kind of weapon(edged or blunt) thats where most of yer AS comes from. Then double in Combat Maneuvers, they give +1 to yer AS and DS. Double in armor use till 13 to wear Brig armor. Triple in Shield Use fer DS. Also do Physical training once or twice whenever ya can. Pick up a bit of perception maybe Stalking and Hiding also. You’ll need Swimming if your going to be in Voln. Also fer voln train once or twice in Brawling per level so youll be superb at Voln-fu. I like to pick up Pick Pocketing Skills fer a reason I will discuss later.



As a warrior it is a must that you are good at hunting. From levels about 1-3 i’d recommend Kobolds. When you get to 3 get like 7k and run out to buy some mithril. When you get to 4 i’d recommend you go to Lesser orcs and Hobgoblins to try your luck. Then at about 7-8 i’d hunt dirges. When you get to 10 or so switch over to titans and maybe frosties. Then at about 15 i’d try out Puma’s and Fire Cats. When you get to 22-23 look for Spider temple and hunt there. After that you’d have to be a pretty big idiot not to know what to do.



Now I’m going to tell you a few smart ways you can make lots of dough. With the pick pocketing skill. You know the Mystic, The Gate guard, The trader, and the old man? Well you can steal from them. With just 1 rank in Pick Pocketing you can steal from them as much as you want without ever gettin caught. I only have 5 in it and I mustve grabbed a hand of coins from there pockets a couple thousand times. The last way besides hunting and selling things on the Amu for making money I believe is to pick stuff up off the ground and sell it. You know how you always see Feras/Drake weapons sitting around town? Well pick them up! They go for 300-1000 coins at the pawnshop.

Well thats all my Info for this Guide... maybe i’ll write another someday. Please e-mail me all your comments, suggestions, critism, and questions to


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